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Friday, 1 August 2008

The launch of the premier collection

I'm really pleased to announce that the first of the new premier collection is now on the website.The premier collection will be a range of high quality canvas giclees, that are hand varnished and numbered like our other giclees. These however will be even more highly sought after as only 25 of each image will be produced- making them real collector's pieces.
The first image i have chosen to launch is a powerful cheetah piece, entitled "The chase is on" . It's very difficult trying to select which images to put into print, but many people have expressed an interest in this piece, and I was keen to choose an image with which I could help to raise funds to support the vital work done by the cheetah conservation fund, who develop research, conservation and education programmes and are based in Namibia. I am very fortunate to have travelled to different parts of the world to see the amazing creatures that I love to paint, first-hand. The reality is though that unless we support charities such as ccf, our children may not have such opportunies, so please help by buying this giclee as 15% of the profits from the sales will go directly to ccf. Thank-you.


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