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Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Northumberland Grouse

At the end of September I was graciously invited again to a few days grouse shooting in Northumberland by my friend and client Jeremy Herman and his lovely wife Edwina. Jeremy owns two moors ,Allenheads and Muggleswick moors. this pristine estate was bought by Jeremy a few years back now but has greatly benefited by his presence. Grouse records last year were at an all time high and It is a real privilege to be invited along with a small group of Sporting Artists to Allenheads Hall every year for this spectacle. I have been to a few moors now but have never seen the numbers that these two moors hold! They also boast a very healthy population of Black game which is under severe pressure in the U.K but here they are doing very well because of the huge efforts being made by the Keeper of the estate. They also have a significantly high breeding population of waders on the moor again a testament to the efforts being done there. Here are just a few of the images I took at the two days.


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