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Thursday, 19 June 2008

website update

Following feedback , we have added the facility for customers to pay by cheque on the website. So now there are 2 options- secure payment online via paypal, (you don't need a paypal account for this), or click on the "pay by cheque" button and you can download and print off an order form to send to us with your payment.Hope this helps.
We're also in the process of choosing which images to launch as the "premier collection", one of them will definately be a cheetah image, which we will be donating a percentage of the profits to a cheetah conservation organisation.The premier collection will be very exclusive , signed and numbered ,canvas giclees- only 25 of each image will be produced, so when we launch an image you like, you'll need to snap it up quickly.
Finally, the "puffin pursuit " canvas which is available on the site, has nearly sold out- only about 10 copies left- so if you're interested in buying that one you need to place an order quickly so as not to miss your chance.

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

not going to happen

the House Martins have not been back since. A few over the house but no birds checking for nest sites. Its made me think though that Can you buy ready made Nest boxes for House Martins?? I thought I had seen some advertised somewhere. If so can anyone point me in the right direction.Would love to put some up with hopes of them returning next year and using them.For now Its just enjoy them winging around whilst they are with us.

House Martins Movin in ?

Hi everyone , I've been feeling real down about the fact i have not done any field sketching in a long while , been chained to the studio and you can get sucked into a rut of painting at the easel to long!Well that changed today when through the open skylight windows I heard the chatter of house Martins , Now I've wanted House Martins to nest nearby for a long while I've got such fond memories of them nesting in my old Junior school. Also in the village where I grew up they seemed to nest on almost every building in the old part anyway.So I was thrilled today when one pair seemed to repeatedly make passes up and down the back of our and the neighbours houses. They kept landing just under the fascia boards and genuinely seemed to be scoping the place out. Is this real late though for House Martins to be nesting?? Although Seem to remember being told that they will nest a few times in the breeding season.Well I do hope they are going to move in. I did some Sketches of their activities , and I hope you like them it certainly lifted my day and got me sketching albeit from the back garden!


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