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Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Leaving comments and voting in the poll

As you can see we've got the poll up and running on the right-hand side of the page. Great to see votes coming in already. If you haven't voted yet, please do. We'll be putting one of these images into print in time for the falconry fair in May, and your opinons are really important in helping us to decide which one to go for. Just scroll down the images on the right , pick your favourite and click on it in the poll at the top.

Also a quick note about leaving comments. Several people have contacted me saying they are having problems leaving a comment. If you'd like to leave a message click on the word comment under a post NOT THE ENVELOPE SYMBOL. This will open a new window where you can type your comment. You then need to type in the letters as shown (make sure you copy them exactly using lower case or capitals as appropriate)- this makes sure you are a human being rather than a machine sending us spam. Then sign in with your google account/ or click annonymous etc, and when you have finished don't forget to click publish. Your comment will then be sent to us to approve it before we publish it on the site. ( just a safety measure against spam etc and people trying to spread viruses)
Hope that makes sense, and doesn't sound too complicated. Once you click on the word comments it's pretty self explanatory. Hope to hear from you soon.


chris said...

Hi Andy,

Voted as them all so not an easy choice...

Wondering if you could make the images open in a new window so that people could get - oh what the heck - the 'bigger picture' lol

Just a suggestion as I tried to click on the pics to see them close up...

Also - on my computer - the comment window is too short to allow anyone to sign in or choose anonymous in order to submit the comment - I had to resize the window to make it wider in order to get a scroll I could scroll down to get the see the last bit - perhaps that's why people are having difficulty posting comments??

Love your work...( both of you!!)

Joe - the pintail with it's head down eating is very good indeed...please keep drawing...k?

Andy Ellis said...

Thanks for voting Chris, it's really interesting to see what people are going for. I'll pass on your words of encouragement to Joe, i'm sure he'll be chuffed!
I know what you mean about the comments page, will look at the settings and see if it can be changed, i don't think its a problem on my wife's blog.

Brian Morris said...

At long last Andy has a web site. What took you so long? Your work has been highly regarded within the falconry community for a number of years. The web site is a a great way of introducing people to other aspects of you work.

With regard the poll; tough choice. Like the teal; persky little things to catch. But the way you have captured the wildness of the seas in High Winds, High Places is fantastic. Great picture and so has my vote.

And please remember to update the site :-)

Anonymous said...

Great pictures as usual, love the one of the peregrine and teal that got my vote. Just a suggestion as the voting seems to be so close why not publish them all!!
I have finally made the move to the Canadian Prairies, it is fantastic hawking. It is amazing to be able to watch wild gyrs 15 minutes from my house hunting field feeding ducks, a couple of falconers here have trapped passage gyrs and it has been really interesting to see them develop into gamehawks.

All the best with your website


Alex Stokes

Anonymous said...

Dear Andy
Teal tiercel attack is one of the best you've done in a long time up there with 'No where to Go'(female Peregrine on Red Grouse) you did in the early 90's. Keep up the anti and continue the Peregrine action shots. I can remember when you were still tagging bus shelters.
Your still the best
Phil Myers

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