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Tuesday, 15 April 2008

At the Printers

Well yesterday I went up to see my good friends Ian and Eve Heard at Faraway island Giclee.

Ive been working with Ian and Eve for around three or four years now and enjoy my visits to their beautiful farmhouse which overlooks the rolling countryside just outside Tavistock.Driving through the lanes the countryside seems to be coming into full bloom now . The weather had been more like February than April over the last few days but today at least seemed to be shouting spring is in full swing! As I pulled up outside the farm house and started to unload what I needed for the appointment two buzzards Wheeled overhead and a cock Pheasant crowed from a nearby hedgerow. The Cuckoo's will be back soon and last year you could stand here and listen to them down in the valley below.The garden outside the studio where Ian and Eve work was full of birds and I was rewarded with the lovely sight of a pair of Bullfinches feeding on the buds of the apple trees. Ian and Eves background is in illustration, design and print and have been in the business a long time and in the last few years have been working with many artists like me in producing high quality Giclee prints. The one thing that I love about working with Ian is he is also an Artist and seems to understand the way the process works from the Artists point of view, He is a multi talented guy , artist , musician, print maker and writer! Working also with such people means that the artist can be involved all the way through the process from scanning of the artwork right the way through the long proofing process and the final signing of the editions.I decided in the end to go for releasing two images after the poll, "Arctic Visitor", and "Golden eagle and blue Hare" They were level pegging for so long that it was so hard to predict a clear winner. I know that some people will be disappointed that the Peregrine pieces will not be released as yet but I will not rule out that they may be released at a future date. So anyway the process has been started of proofing the two images for print and over the next few day's that will continue until we are happy with the results.

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