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Saturday, 17 January 2009

Straying in to the Dark side.

Well with no Falcon to fly and allot of game to fly at I was in a real quandry as to whatto fly . I asked around to see if anyone had a Peregrine to fly but no cigar . I'm a bit of a purist at heart and love the peregrine pure and simple. Allot of my mates all fly Hybrids down here and some exceptional ones too but I've never been comfortable with them.They are stunning to look at and years ago I thought they were the bee's knee's but after flying a Peregrine tiercel a few years back i have never looked at hybrids in the sameway since.Now enter Floyd, Floyd is a gyr x peregrine tiercel that was originally flown by my late friend and hawking bud Bruce Huxham. Bruce passed away two years ago after a very short but bitter battle with cancer and has been greatly missed by us all down here. Floyd bruces tiercel was taken on and flown by Dave Scott and he has become a lovely little game hawk. His only real vice is his tendency sometimes to just do one! and you have to get in front of him via the telemetry experience to stop him flying clear to Ireland !!! so here I am with the chance to fly my late friends Gyr x Peregrine and I've accepted the challenge. Well its only till the end of the season and its a chance to have a bit of fun and to give Bruce who is looking down on me a real laugh at his purist mate finally dipping a toe into the Dark side!!! Watch this space

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