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Thursday, 19 March 2009

In the studio- the latest painting

Some time ago I vowed that I would update the blog more regularly, unfortunately that hasn't really happened due to being holed up in the studio most of the time. Often I get asked what I'm currently working on and most of the time I am able and happy to talk about the latest painting,and share images of it in progress. At the moment however I am not able to do this as I am working on a private commission, which unfortunately I am not able to share images of. It's a large piece almost double the size of the largest paintings I normally produce and will be heading for Abu Dhabi when it's finished. It seems to be taking forever and I must admit is proving to be quite a challenge. The size of the piece means it's obviously taking a lot longer than usual, it was started in January and despite coming on well now, there is still a lot to do, it has to be finished by mid April so I can see I will be working late into the night on quite a few occasions over the coming weeks. So this is where I spend my time... the studio we had built in the back garden about 5 years ago.
One wall of which is a bookshelf filled completely with reference books - infact well and truly over filled- the plan is to move this to the larger side wall . Not sure when we'll time to do this but it's something to aim for!The tools of the trade! Generally I work with acrylic paints but I'm using oils for the piece I'm painting at the moment.This adds to the time it takes , as they are slower drying and I have to work in a slightly different way to usual, to build up the colours and textures etc, but it definately adds a beautiful quality of light and colour to the piece. I think the end result will be worth the effort.

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