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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

"The flying of falcons"

Some months ago I wrote a post about my involvement in an exciting new book- "The flying of falcons" by Ed Pitcher and Ricardo Velarde, with illustrations by myself, Bernd Poppelmann and Daryl Peterson. Well the book is all done now, and those who have bought it already have given us some great feedback.
I thought I'd share these photos taken by Robert Bagley...Ricardo signing Robert's copy of the eagerly awaited book.
Ed and Daryl opening up one of the first boxes of books to inspect them.Some of my paintings that have been used in the book.
One of the paintings "My girl " is proving to be a popular giclee print on our site- with over a third of the run already sold.Click here to buy yours.We are considering producing one or 2 more of the images as prints and will keep you informed of any developments with that.
Some of my sketches have also been reproduced - a nice feature to punctuate the text.

You can find out more about the book , including how to order your copy, at
Or join the facebook page to see video clips about the book.

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