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Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Falconry Fair 2010

Well we're back from the falconry fair....It was a family affair this time, Donna and I were working on the stand helped by our good friend chris woods- and for the first time Joe and Maisie joined the team.
The fair wasn't as big as previous years, and attendance was definitely down on the Sunday- probably not helped by the fact that it was flippin cold. But there were more people around on Monday and the sun appeared in bursts at least.There were plenty of displays in the main arena, and our ring-side position meant we could take it in turns to pop out and catch bits of them.
It was great to catch up with so many friends and see familiar faces on the stand, as well as meeting new people.Lots of you came to collect your 2011 calendars- thank-you.
Those of you that asked to have the calendars posted to you- you should have received a paypal request for the outstanding balance by now- if you can pay those then Donna will get them sent out. If you haven't bought your yet they are now on our site.I managed to slip out of the stand and get a bit of photography done, and get some good reference shots for future paintings.Now it's back to it- I'd love to have a day off but i'm chained to the easel for the next few days at least, to get the latest painting finished and off to the gallery.

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