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Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Evening watching Foxes

The summer nights being so light at the moment are a real blessing when viewing wildlife all those hours of daylight to observe and record wildlife. Also with a host of young animals emerging into the world that moves things up a gear too. My good friend Robin Khan gave me a call the other night and said in a cryptic way " come over to the Farm about 8ish and bring your camera and sketchbook" well my mind was spinning wondering what wildlife wonder he had in store for me ? Nightjars Maybe? or Bats as i know he has a few different species there. Well I duly took his instruction and rolled up at his door at 8pm. The light was still pretty good and what we were going to be looking at would be seen quite easily i thought. Well he took me into the house and offered me a cupa and he said we will have to wait here. Outside one of his windows is a bird feeder which was being visited by Greater spotted woodpeckers ,Nuthatches and a stream of other finches and passerines. He gave the game away though when he ducked out to put some food out on the track that runs past the window. AHHH.... Foxes. Indeed a family group have been regular visitors to Robin's hand outs for some years now he informed me. We sat and watched as two Cubs appeared then the Dog fox which Robin was surprised at since he is the most weary of them all . In total there are six cubs but only two showed and as a bonus the vixen came in as the light finally started to dim past where I could sketch effectively. A wonderful evening of fox watching.

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