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Friday, 25 January 2008

Latest grouse piece

This week I've been working on a fairly large grouse piece. An American client has commissioned me, through the gallery, to produce "a typical Andrew Ellis game painting". I'm using reference material from a recent visit to the Allenheads estate in Northumberland, along with photographs and sketches from various trips to Scotland. I finished drawing it out on the board late last night, so today I can start getting the paint on. I'll add in some photos as it progresses.
This morning I finally got around to posting on the bird forum again, I used to be on there regularly but I've been so busy lately I've just not had a chance. Thought I'd better give them a quick update and let them know I'm still here!
Yesterday afternoon, my Taekwando instructor,Chris, asked me to go over to his place and help him cope( trim the beak) one of his hawks. He's only recently got into falconry and wanted to pick my brains about aviary construction and feeding shoots. We ended up comparing the philosophies of martial arts and falconry!!

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