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Friday, 29 February 2008

bonelli's eagles

Things are really busy right now, I've been putting in a lot of hours painting -wise ( my manager at Halcyon will be glad to hear that I'm sure!) and I'm glad to say it's paying off. The bonelli's eagle piece is finished and the I've started to plan out another big grouse piece. The bonelli's is quite different from my usual pieces, there's a lot more focus on the landscape in this one. It was an interesting piece to work on and really challenged my drawing skills as far as getting the mountains right were concerned. It was inspired by a trip I took across that landscape in a plane, where I saw one of these eagles flying. I wanted to capture the vastness of the landscape and the height at which the birds are flying. I hope to try and make the viewer feel as though they are up there soaring with the eagles being buffeted around by the wind.

Aside from painting i'm glad to say the website went live a couple of weeks ago,
I'm really pleased with the way it looks, Richard at can can design and my wife Donna have done a great job, and are currently working on getting the online shop ready to launch. We'll be selling the giclees that we have exhibited at the falconry fair the last couple of years and hope to bring out a new image very soon too. Customers and friends of mine are always asking when a new image will be available, well now the answer is soon!
I'm thinking of setting up a poll on here for you to tell us which is the image you'd like to see in print, as it would help me to make the tough decision of which one to go for. Hopefully I'll get a chance to add that in soon, and I'll look forward to your feedback.

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